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Improve Your cloud

inDrived is designed for improving cloud services, automation and simplification of all cloud’s processes. Service interacts with all file types, in the same time, automatically uploading only necessary files. Documents, archives, text notes, presentations, photos, music, videos and any file you need will be automatically uploaded, grouped and synchronized in the user-friendly way.

You can decide between working with required information only or with the whole array of your data

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Forget about manual uploading of files or replacing them into specific folder through which only uploading and synchronization is possible. You create any file, anywhere and if it is necessary for you, it will be uploaded automatically, no matter where exactly it is located

Creating individual categories and setting the automatic uploading the way you need, adding and removing clouds, hiding or displaying already hidden files, you can easily work only with required information.

Smart Sorting

You can create a category where exactly those files will be collected automatically you need. Your work documents or all that deals with studying, hobby or just travel. In addition, new files from all your devices will be uploaded automatically to the cloud and displayed in corresponding category.

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Documents of specific size, with specific keywords, the ones created on certain dates can be arranged in one category with photos created at a definite place.

Moreover, all file types will be grouped according to the desired detailed settings including date, size, type, place, keywords or a combination of them.


  1. If you are using Photoshop, feel free to create a “Photoshop” category and folders inside the editor for 0-10 MB, 10-20 MB files etc. Everything will be done automatically. At the same time, you can connect any category to a specific cloud. For example, Photo category and all photos will upload to OneDrive, documents - directly to Google Drive and so on.
  2. If you want to arrange presentations by date, type, size (e.g. Microsoft format presentations, or Open Office ones), you are welcome! All of them, including the new ones, will be arranged by categories automatically, according to your settings. Each of them will get directly to the category and folder selected.
Smart Categorizing

Your files will be structured and automatically grouped by type, allowing sort out the mess in your clouds.

Documents from all your clouds will be gathered in “Documents” category, presentations in “Presentations”, books in “Books” category etc. And it doesn't matter how many clouds you use and how many files are in them

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Need to set your documents in order? No sweat! The application will check all connected clouds and your devices to arrange everything by type: Word, Excel, PDF. All new files of the same type will upload in the same order, according to your settings.

Bringing order to your cloud mess, inDrived makes easier searching and navigating in the clouds. Any required file will be easily found, even if you don't know where exactly it is located.

Machine Learning coming soon

Service is based on self-learning artificial intellect, which will upload exactly those files you required and exactly to the cloud you need

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It is no matter how many clouds you use, flexible settings and self-learning artificial intellect will upload everything as you required and even allocate uploading files by types. I.e. documents to one cloud, music and files to another, and video of specific size only to third.
Work with any cloud service

inDrived is providing more functionality exactly to the necessary cloud. However, it is possible to improve several or even all the clouds together, automating processes, gathering files and combining even space from all of the clouds in one place

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You can connect Google Drive and DropBox combining their space and files in our service. Add MediaFire, SugarSync, pCloud and Yandex Disk easily gathering and structuring all files in them and uniting even space in one service

Any changes in uploaded files will be synchronized automatically and it doesn’t matter if the file is modified in the device or in the cloud.

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You can choose from one-way or two-way synchronization and there is no obligatory to place the file to some specific folder.